Review BizWay WordPress Theme and Figero Theme by InkThemes

BizWay is a new WordPress theme released to the dot org theme repository in the last week. There were fifteen themes all pushed live to the directory on the same day, and I think BizWay deserves to be pulled out from the crowd a bit.
BizWay is a free release from a commercial theme shop called InkThemes. Many of the themes on the dot org directory that I like recently have been from commercial theme shops releasing free themes. I had not heard of InkThemes until I ran across this free theme release.
 Figero Theme is a best eCommerce theme by InkThemes mainly useful to sell digital products like software or other products. The theme makes it easy to sell your digital products using PayPal, the built-in features can be easily configured with your payment gateway without hiring any programmer. The package is made to help you quickly go online with your site and start selling products in very short time. There are options to convert your site into other formats to come-up with a site that looks suitable to the preferred business niche. There is no requirement of having any high level programming knowledge or experience, simple WordPress customization is all that you need.

The Look

When evaluating the look of WordPress themes, it’s important to realize the context and experience the reviewer has. All of my experience with building sites has been for small businesses or organizations, so this one caught my eye. This theme is an easy choice for any business or organization to use.
Some may call the site layout overdone, with so many themes out there that have the big featured slider area and three featured areas, but this is what many businesses are looking for. Most businesses I’ve dealt with want the home page to be static content, more like a brochure, and have news release and “blog” content on another part of the site that’s not the home page. This theme has the homepage layout many businesses are looking for. Oh, and I kind of prefer it too!

The Good

Upon activation the theme looks exactly like the theme demo, which is a plus for me. It’s frustrating to install a theme and then spend the next hour figuring out how to mimic what the demo looked like. As a visual person, now I can see what dummy content needs to be swapped out with my content.
BizWay uses a third party option panel, but it only has enough options as it needs to. It’s easy to insert your own logo and favicon, and clearly states the suggest pixel dimensions. In some themes I’ve used, the image sizes weren’t documented anywhere and I had to use Chrome’s element inspector to mimic the demo’s size. There are also options to easily insert your own images, text and links for the slider area and three column featured area. For me the “right” number of options for a theme is just enough that they all need to be filled out, and this theme meets my requirement. The theme options link is also where it should be, hidden under Appearance on the dashboard and not its own top level menu.
[pullquote text="This theme is an easy choice for any business or organization to use." type="roadblock"]
The archive pages are attractively laid out, with support for featured images, a colored “Read More” button, and automatic truncation if the post doesn’t contain the “more” tag. The visual editor has also been styled so that line width is similar to the front end view, something that’s often overlooked by theme authors.
BizWay Lite Version Features
  • Fully Responsive WordPress Theme
  • Single Color Skins Prebuilt
  • Latest WordPress Ready
  • Single Slide Supported (Images/Video)
  • Blog Page Template
  • Gallery / Contact Us Page Template
  • Options Panel
  • ReadMe File
BizWay Responsive Pro Version Features
  • Fully Responsive WordPress Theme
  • 10 Fantastic Color Skins Prebuilt
  • Latest WordPress Ready
  • Multiple Slides Support (Images/Video)
  • Full Width Page Template
  • Gallery / Contact Us Page Template
  • AJAX based Options Panel (More Easier)
  • PDF/Video Documentations
  • Background Images Bonus
  • Access to Members Area

Figero Theme Features Review :

  • Quickly loading eCommerce theme
  • Sell digital goods easily
  • PayPal payment processing
  • Custom template range
  • Background option to add image or color
  • Dropdown menu support
  • Localized theme option
  • WordPress 3.3+ support
  • Light loading design
  • Supports all browser
  • Responsive design
  • Call to action button
  • Footer and sidebar with widgets
Price Details:
Personal Use : $45
All Themes Pack : $147

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